Are you looking to purchase a home in Florida but do not have the scores to qualify for a regular FHA program(which typically requires scores of 640 or better)?  If so, the wait is now over as we have recently introduced our own in-house FHA product(which means we process and underwrite the loan)  that allows buyers to purcahse a home down to a 500 FICO score(restrictions apply). If you or anyone you know is having a challenge purchasing a home or has been turned down by a bank please watch the video above  then submit an application(it takes less than 5 minutes and none of your information is ever re-distributed or shared) by CLICKING THE LINK/IMAGE BELOW and you will receive a response within 24 hours because you are more than a credit score.



2 Responses to Introducing The “FHA CHOICE” Program: FHA Loans Down To A 500 FICO Score

  1. chris says:

    Do you serve PA for the fha choice loan?

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